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At What Age Do Babies Start Playing With Dolls

Dolls are some of the most popular toys for little kids but babies are not fully capable of playing with whatever toy you hand over to them during their first few months.They could barely see what’s in front of them, much less use their hands to grasp onto something. Although your baby can react to bright and bold colored toys, they won’t still be able to play with them.

age when babies start playing with dolls

Dolls are great early learning toys

From 6 months to 1 year, babies begin to explore things in their surroundings. They react to sound and begin to reach out for toys. At this age, teething toys will be super helpful because babies would want to soothe the discomfort and pain of growing teeth. As a matter of fact, even if they are not yet into teething stage, any object is best learned from the hand to the mouth.

The best toys for babies should be brightly colored, rattles, rainmakers, activity balls and plush toys. Rubens Barn has a unique range of dolls that are suitable from birth onwards. These dolls are soft, small and made eco-friendlier.

Just like a blink of an eye, your baby will become a year older. At this age, your little one is starting to show interest and fascination with toys that respond to his/her action. Push button toys that produce musical sounds are the perfect example. It could either be a fascination from the colored nesting boxes and cups. Or it could be from shape sorters, stacking rings and puzzles. Moreso, they’ll put up their gross motor skills to use by riding on toys with wheels.

By the time your baby grows and becomes another year or couple of years older, he/she wanted a little more complex game than the previous year. Your little one may be fascinated already with dolls that can act out real life scenarios such as changing the nappy, feeding and dressing up. It can be a doll that could imitate their voice or talk.

It is at this age that their creativity and imagination can be best stimulated. They would love to get into character or even ask their friends to come over for an afternoon tea party. Musical instruments are also up on their interest. Their dolls could also need pram where the doll can sleep whilst they walk. Or perhaps a dolls house for the lonely doll?

It is also at this age that babies will want role-playing activities and dolls are the best toys to hone their imagination. Pretend play is the best for this age because babies are very active. They love to explore already and their curiosity levels are high. You may also notice that your baby loves to imitate you or the scenes from the tv.

When playing with dolls, they get into character and perform real-life scenarios. They now have more refined fine-motor skills for easier grasping of things. They also would want to be more ‘independent’ (but they would still want you to sit down for a cup of tea from their playset though).

You can also start introducing other toys other than tolls to your little ones once they reach a certain age, 1 year older, or when they are capable of doing a wide range of actions. These toys could help develop their gross motor skills since they are very active at this stage. Ride-on toys and bikes are ideal. Other toys that could be used for play pretend can be introduced. Examples are cash register machines, breakfast tray set, cake and pastries set or construction toys.

Finally, as soon as your baby can sit upright without any support from you, she becomes more interested in more complex and purposeful toys that she can really play with dolls and other imagination stimulating toys. You will need to supervise her and strengthen the area for play pretend where she can obtain plenty of developmental areas to grow and develop.

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