Bigjigs Christine Doll Medium

Bigjigs Christine Doll Medium
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Brand:  BigJigs
Doll Type:  Bigjigs Ragdoll Medium
Size:  W: 20.00cm H: 35.00cm D: 9.00cm

  • Creates an imaginative and creative role-play sessions.
  • Helps hone fine motor skills.
  • Develops speech and creative communication.
  • Fosters a sense of companionship.

Bigjigs Christine Doll Medium

Meet and greet the sensational Bigjigs Christine Doll Medium. She is a soft and cuddly doll wearing a blue striped dress that matches the hair ties in her hair. She is currently looking for a playmate to share lots of love and laughter with.

Christine offers hours of endless imaginative and open-ended plays where creativity and imagination are stimulated. She stays and will surely last a lifetime.