Bigjigs Pink Floral Dress Medium

Bigjigs Pink Floral Dress Medium
Our Price:  £7.49
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Brand:  BigJigs
Size:  W: 20.00cm H: 24.00cm D: 1.00cm
Fits Doll:  Bigjigs Ragdoll Medium

  • Builds social skills and interaction.
  • Stimulates creativity and imagination.
  • Improves fine motor skills.
  • Develops speech and creative communication.

Bigjigs Pink Floral Dress Medium

Hayley, Christine, Sarah and other dolls from the medium collection of rag dolls will surely love this unique and stunning Pink Floral Dress Medium brought by Bigjigs.

This dress features a perfectly pink floral dress with a little pink ribbon on the waist. It also comes with matching hair accessories perfect for a Sunday dress or for an outdoor walk.