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Dolls House

Dolls Houses

Find the perfect dolls house for your child with our fantastic range of wooden dolls houses and dollhouse accessories at Dollshouse Toys. We stock all sizes of dolls house big and small, with or without furniture so there’s something for everyone.

Our traditional wooden dolls houses are beautifully decorated inside and out. These are timeless toys that are loved by girls and boys alike and will be played with for generations. They make wonderful gifts and are perfect for inspiring hours of imaginative and creative play.

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Plan Toys Victorian Dollhouse
Tender Leaf Dovetail Dollhouse
Tender Leaf Foxtail Villa Dollhouse
Ostheimer Cottage Wooden Doll House
Bigjigs Sunflower Cottage Dollhouse
Bigjigs Rose Cottage Dollhouse
Indigo Jamm Hascombe Dollhouse
Tidlo Tidlington Wooden Doll House
Ostheimer Doll's House
Tender Leaf Cottontail Cottage Dollhouse
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HOLZTIGER Doll's house
Bigjigs Blossom Cottage Dollhouse
Bigjigs Fairytale Palace
Bigjigs Princess Palace
Tender Leaf Toys Dolls House Set
Djeco Pop to play Forest house
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Wooden Dolls Houses

Dolls houses featuring miniature rooms full of tiny furniture and families have been loved by children and adults alike for hundreds if not thousands of years. They make the perfect gift for children and grandchildren. 

Our high quality dolls house range covers both the traditional and the modern. We stock beautifully decorated town houses and cottages to spark your child's imagination from the moment they open the box. As well as bare wood open plan houses that your child can furnish and decorate any way they choose. 

We have taken a lot of time choosing our suppliers and the toys we stock to ensure we offer only the highest quality toys made from responsibly sourced materials. We believe that investing in your child's development shouldn’t come at the expense of the environment. And that once the investment has been made you should have beautiful toys that can be handed down to siblings, children and grandchildren.

Benefits of a dolls house for play and development

  • Dolls houses engage children in imaginative play which is vital for intellectual and social development. Playing with a dolls house will help children develop their vocabulary as they name the rooms, the furniture and act out everyday situations. Plus they get to act out lots of social situations in a creative and imaginative way.

  • Dolls house play can also be an incredible way of helping children process big feelings and emotions or anxieties they have. Thus dolls house play can be a powerful tool for emotional development and very therapeutic for a child.

  • Dolls houses are great for imaginative play because they are in many ways so close to reality. Even children who are not natural storytellers can have hours of fun arranging and decorating their houses and setting up scenes. Imaginative play can then be encouraged by acting out everyday activities like a trip to the shops, bath time, reading bedtime stories or sitting down to watch a movie.

  • Role-playing these simple everyday routines is great for building self-confidence, vocabulary and social skills and can easily lead to more imaginative play as children see they can take their dolls on any adventure they choose.

We particularly love that so many of the toys we stock can be used together. So the firemen might be called to put out a fire or granny might need to be taken to the hospital. The family might jet off on holiday, go camping, or take the bus to the seaside for ice creams. It really is possible for your children to create an entire miniature world.

Imaginative play is also great for developing children's ability to problem solve. Whether its finding objects that they need, ie something to be an extra chair, a car that can be used a moving van etc. Or coming up with elaborate solutions to problems their dolls encounter on their adventures. This ability to problem solve is a vital life skill and one they might not get to utilise as often in “real life” until they are older.

Playing with a dolls house also has physical benefits. Manipulating all those tiny dolls and pieces of furniture is great for improving fine motor skills which children need as they learn to write, play an instrument or make things. Playing in miniature also helps with hand-eye coordination and concentration as it can be surprisingly difficult to dress and undress dolls house dolls.

Here are some of our favourite dolls houses:

A traditional wooden dolls house

The Tidlo Tidlington house dolls house is the biggest of our dolls houses and is great if you are looking for a house that multiple children can play with at the same time. Both the front and the rear of the house open up so that children can sit on either side to play. And the roof panels are removable to reveal a secret garden.

Alternatively, the slightly smaller Rose Cottage dolls house and Sunflower Cottage dolls house, both by Big Jigs, come beautifully decorated and fully furnished meaning you can start your adventures straight away.

And if you are a fan of Indigo Jamm then Hascombe House is certainly worth a look. Like the rest of the range, it’s beautifully made and has gorgeous colours and wonderful simple details. Plus the peg dolls are all interchangeable so your family can go on holiday in Colin camper or even take a trip to the moon in Rocket Ricky.

Montessori style dolls houses

If you are after something beautifully handcrafted with a simple design that lets your child's imagination do the talking then the Ostheimer and Holztiger dolls houses couldn’t be more perfect.

These beautiful dwellings are simple and unfurnished meaning they could be a farmhouse, a wizards cottage, a fairy house or a stable depending on the game. They also take up less space and are more open-ended which is great if you already have a living room full of toys. And the natural wood makes them beautifully ornamental. Great if you prefer a more minimal look.

Variations of a dolls house

Maybe you love the idea of a dolls house but aren’t quite sure you want a miniature townhouse or cottage in your front room. In that case, there are some lovely variations that might be perfect.

The Plan Toys Tree House and the Djeco Pop to Play Tree House are both gorgeous and offer all the same opportunities for imaginative and creative play, language, social and motor skills development.

They are also more compact than the traditional wooden dolls houses which can be very handy, and less of a financial investment making them a great way to test the water and see how your child responds to this type of play.

Plus they are great if you don’t live in a traditional house. If life on the road is more your cup of tea. Or you like to take the camper van away in the summer then we also love love love the Grimm's Mobile Home. This gorgeous toy is easy to carry and take with you on adventures, super compact and includes everything you need for play.