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How to Build Your Own Dolls House

You need to consider a lot of things before buying the perfect dolls house for your child. You have to make sure that you have proper space inside your home as it can be pretty large. Some can be miniature yet has to be age appropriate and safe for children.

how-to -build-your-own-dolls-house

Building Your Own Dolls House

The material should also be considered because it affects the durability and worth of your dolls house. For instance, most wooden dolls houses are considered classic toys that could be passed down from one generation to the next. While those that are made from hard plastics are just as good as the wooden ones, most are not heirloom-worthy.

Nevertheless, dolls houses spark children’s creativity and imagination. Even adults find miniature versions of homes interesting and mesmerizing.

However, doll houses are pretty expensive. The most expensive one has a wine cellar, oil paintings and even 27 bedrooms. It has a jaw-dropping total cost of $8.5 million.

And the good news? You can create your very own dolls house. There is no limit as long as creativity and imagination is let loose. Kids can help too as they can be pretty creative and will obtain tons of developmental benefits.

Crafting your very own dolls house is easy but time consuming. Albeit it takes so much of your time, the results are worthy and majestic. In fact, creating your very own dolls houses is one of the best ways to showcase your passion for decorating.

Materials for your Doll House

DIY dolls houses can be made from wood, cardboard and with some readily available dolls house kits online. The easiest one is the kits as it already come with instruction and step by step guide. This can be pretty overwhelming but take your time. There is a manual in which you can follow. Lay down the pieces and work in the area where you will most likely put on display your dolls house. The key to finishing dolls houses in kits is patience.

Dolls house made out of wood will require many tools and craftsmanship. Tools such as hammer, saw and other hand tools are the common ones. It may also require using adhesives and electrical equipment.

Sanding should also be done to ensure that the edges and surfaces are smooth. You may also need masking tape and rubber bands in order to hold the pieces together while waiting for the glue to dry.

Wooden dolls houses are the most ideal as they can be an heirloom and will most likely last. Yet, if you want something pretty simple without needing equipment, you can use old shoe boxes or cardboard boxes. These can be glued together and can be partitioned for a living room, dining and bedroom. Although dolls houses made from cardboard are not that durable, they can be a perfect toy for children.

Some Helpful Tips

Dolls houses, no matter the material, is already perfect. It doesn’t necessarily mean that it should be perfect from top to bottom because what really matters is the journey of crafting it. This means that you and your kids can have the best bonding session ever.

Involve your children as they can let loose their creativity. A creative doll house is a translation of you and your kid’s imagination. So be creative in any way.

Another helpful tip is to make it gender neutral and user-friendly. This would mean that little girls and little boys can share and play with it, not just the former. Making your dolls house open will also make room for more interaction and decorating. Lastly, keep it child-safe by using non-toxic glues, adhesives and stains.

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