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How to Choose the Perfect Dolls House


Dolls houses are some of the most popular childrenís toys and they have been around for centuries. They have a timeless appeal that some of them are being passed down from one generation to the next.

Children learn a lot and develop a set of skills through pretend play. When children engage in acting out scenes and characters from their imagination, the cognitive skills are developed, exercising the brain.

Creativity is honed along with the language skills where communication and speech are put to use. Because dollhouses contain many small parts such as miniature furniture, children will be able to develop their fine-motor skills as well as hand-eye coordination.

The latter skills are the same set of skills that are used when grasping objects and writing. With all the benefits that your child can get when playing with dolls house, how do you choose the perfect one?

With some that are full of pomp and splendidness, children will surely be enticed for hours decorating and playing. In order to get the perfect and ideal dolls house, here are some things to consider before buying one for your child:

Age Appropriate and Safety

Is it too soon to buy that dolls house? Or is it already age appropriate for my kids?

Prior to purchasing dolls house, these questions should be asked. Dolls houses contain many small parts that are only appropriate to be played by children at a certain age. It is so because these parts could be choking hazards.

Also, check the labels and look for components such as paints and harmful substances that could pose a threat to your childís health.

Materials and Durability

Plastic or wood? Would you like it to be passed down to the next generation? How long would you want it to last?

There are different types of doll houses these days. Amongst the most durable types are those that are made from responsibly sourced wood.

If your child is one of the kids that are rough when it comes to handling their toys, then choose a doll's house that can withstand tantrums and beatings. There are plastic doll houses that are durable and easier to clean.

What Style Do You Want

Does it match the style of your home?

Before saying yes to that dolls house, keep in mind what style or reference do you want. If you want the traditional ones or modern ones. If you want the 3 storeys or just the miniature one.

There are even architectural designs that you can choose from such as Gothic, Georgian and Cape Code. Make sure to check out first the styles before adding to cart!


Size really matters when it comes to buying the perfect dolls house. Some can range as big as a closet whilst others can range as small as a pocket. Others are designed to house bigger dolls whilst others are not.

This is vital if you will choose the right dolls house as most homes do not have the luxury to accommodate bigger sizes. You should also check whether there is enough room for your kids to play with it or if it will just cover the entire living room and become a nuisance.


Ideally, you would want to buy a dolls house that is within your price range. If money is not the problem, then go for ones that are of great value.

However, if money is tight, try considering local charity shops where second-hand dolls houses are displayed and sold. Pretty sure, there are plenty of them that are on sale.

Furniture & Accessories

You may want to check on your desired dolls houseís certain inclusions such as dolls, accessories and furniture. The perfect ones already come with these and there is no need to buy them separately.

There are some that come fully furnished with different furniture and accessories but keep in mind that these types of dolls houses are more expensive than the ones that donít come fully furnished.

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