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How to Clean Baby Dolls

The easiest way of dealing with a grubby baby doll is to follow its washing instructions. The pretty common method of cleaning baby dolls is to simply toss them inside the washing machine and spin them to washing perfection.

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Cleaning Dolls

Machine washing is completely okay as long as itís indicated on the care instructions of the baby doll. Itís highly recommended to use mild soap instead of strong detergents to prevent any to retain the integrity of the doll. Detergents for laundry washing often leave residue that could potentially ruin the doll or worse, accidentally ingested by your child.

Mild soaps are suitable for washing dolls because babies often latch on to their dolls every single time and they donít leave any residue at all. Alternatively, you could use your childís baby shampoo instead if you do not have mild soap at home.

Machine Wash

Dolls should be placed inside a pillow case, a washing mesh bag or a wash protector that came along with the washing machine. This serves as a protection against lint formation and damage from spin cycle. However, machine washing can easily subject them to deterioration and damage especially if you use warm water. Never wash them with other toys and clothing items because heavy dirt or stubborn stains could transfer and settle inside the doll.

Dolls often have sewn-on buttons, sequins and other delicate parts that could come off when machine washed. Make sure to check them first or read the label prior to using the washing machine.

Hand Washing

Another good way to wash dolls is through hand washing. Some of them can be easily cleaned by spot-cleaning any visible surface with a damp cloth. Pre-soak dolls with stains and odour in mild soapy water or treat stains with a stain solution first before washing them. After soaking, hand wash the baby doll. You can use a clean toothbrush to brush away dirt. Rinse the doll and hang it to dry.

Use Baking Soda

You can use baking soda to clean your childís dolls. Baking soda, also known as sodium bicarbonate, is widely used as a baking but has a wide range of other household uses. Dilute baking soda in water and soak your dolls to remove stains and dirt.

Apart from diluting it in water, baking soda alone can be used to clean dolls. You will need to place the doll inside a large bag and sprinkle the baking soda into it. Seal the bag and shake it. Leave it for an hour or so until the baking soda has absorbed the smell. Empty the bag by removing the doll and baking soda using a towel. A vacuum hose can even be used to completely remove the baking soda.

Sun Drying

Drying dolls outside under the sun can help kill the bacteria and germs. It also speeds up the drying process. Just make sure to never leave it out for too long because prolonged exposure to sunlight could cause fading.

Check For Minor Repairs

Checking your dolls for minor repairs before tossing it inside the machine washing could save you a lot of headache. Some stitches might have already loosen up or some parts such as buttons, clothing and the hair might need some sewing up. Inspect the seams for torn and weak areas. You might not want to end up with your childís baby doll ripped or torn apart.

Additional Tips

  • Machine wash in a gentle cycle or delicate cycle.
  • Run with warm or cold water only.
  • Squeeze out excess water but never wring them.
  • Use a hair dryer to easily dry the dolls.
  • Fabric softeners can be used to make the dolls extra soft and cuddly.
  • Never use chlorine or bleach.
  • Do not use too much detergent or mild soap as it can be hard to remove the suds.

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