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How to Detangle Baby Doll Hair

Baby dolls could go through a lot every play session and most of the time they could withstand all the beatings. They get dragged across the dirty floor or played on grass and get all dirty over time. Washing and cleaning your childís dolls regularly is something that you need to do to eliminate the spread of germs and bacteria.

baby doll

One of the things that you are probably not expecting is detangling the baby dollís hair. They start out as shiny and smooth but after a few months, a dollís hair could get frizzy and tangled. So how do you detangle a baby dollís hair?

A good place to start is reading the label that came in with your baby doll. Most likely it contains care instructions for all parts of the doll including its hair. However, if you no longer have the packaging which contains the care instructions, donít worry. Weíve got you covered.

Fabric Conditioner

Fabric conditioner is used to soften clothes and make them smelling fresh and clean. Whilst laundry detergent works in removing dirt and sweat, fabric conditioner transforms crispy clean clothes to soft and cotton feeling. Fabric conditioners can be used to fix a baby dollís hair. This is done by combining 2 parts of warm water into 2 parts of fabric conditioner. Once the mixture is made, you can soak your baby doll hair.

You can also use a spray bottle and spray fabric conditioner onto the dollís hair. Before spraying the dollís hair, make sure that the water is not too hot. Hot water, as mentioned in our previous article can cause damage on the doll. Moreso, hot water could cause minor burns on your hands and fingers.

Soaking the dollís hair for a maximum of 5 minutes can help soften and detangle. If a spray bottle is to be used, make sure that the entire hair is wet.


Apparently, hair conditioners are not only for human hair but also for dollís hair. Yes, you can use them to detangle or fix a dollís hair. This is done by washing the dollís hair with warm water and rubbing a small amount of hair conditioner. Massage until the conditioner has fully coated the hair.

Mild Shampoo

Another safe and mild alternative is baby shampoo. Baby shampoo can help fix the baby doll hair because it is mild and contains substances that can help soften the hair.

Use Brush

As tangles are inevitable from a well-played baby doll, brushing can help fix the hair. Do this when the fabric conditioner mixture or hair conditioner is already applied to the hair.

Start by brushing at the ends towards the scalp. Be gentle though because brushing from scalp to the tips might remove the dollís hair. Repeat until the tangles are gone. If the hair becomes dry, spray the solution again and brush.

Rinse, Rinse and Rinse

Once you are satisfied with the result or if the tangles are already smoothen, rinse the fabric conditioner solution or hair conditioner completely. Make sure to properly rinse as residues can build up in the hair and may become the start of another hair problem.

It is also necessary to wash the dollís hair properly as fabric conditioners can still contain chemicals that may be dangerous to the child. If there is residue from the fabric conditioner, use vinegar and water solution. Vinegar solution has proven to remove build ups and residues.

Yarn Hair

Most baby dolls are made with yarn hair. They are the easiest to make and gorgeous. But in order to clean and fix a yarn haired baby doll, it is recommended to comb it gently. Never use a brush as it can cause frays and instead use a wide-tooth comb or your fingers to comb the hair. You can use mild soap and water to clean a doll with yarn hair.

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