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How to Make Baby Doll Clothes

Making baby doll clothes is fun and easy. It is also an excellent and ideal skill to teach and pass on to children. It promotes a stronger relationship and can even be a bonding moment between you and your child. So instead of buying expensive doll clothes, making one for your childís doll could save you a lot of money. You can also make accessories like carrier cots and nappies!

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Choose Soft Fabrics for Baby Dolls Clothing

Soft fabrics are highly recommended when making clothes for dolls. Fabric should never be stiff because the softer the fabric, the more ideal it is to be used for any type of doll clothing. Do not use thin fabrics like silk and chiffon because they are difficult to handle and sew. Also, use fabrics with small-scale prints because they will match the baby dollís cuteness and size.

Small Add-ons

Smaller embellishments like laces and ribbons are highly recommended if you want to decorate your childís doll clothes. Although you can trim down the laces, buying laces and ribbons in smaller widths can save time and money. Use smaller or shorter stitches to match them with the adornments. Big stitches would make your baby doll clothes look rushed and unconsciously thought of.

Use Old Fabrics

The good thing about making clothes for baby dolls is that you can upcycle fabrics from old clothes such as t-shirts, towels or worn-out skirts. Apart from saving money, it is also unique and creative. This is also an eco-friendly way of turning old clothes into something new. Upcycling also encourages creativity and imagination among children.

Practice Makes Perfect

If itís your first time to sew DIY baby doll clothes or if you are not confident with your sewing skills, consider practicing on cheap fabrics or used clothing items. It would save you headaches and money. Furthermore, practicing on sample fabrics can reduce major repairs. It also prevents from starting over again and throwing resources such as thread and paper.

Zipper, Buttons or Velcro?

Using velcro closures could make your doll clothes have a snuggly fit. The ones that are used for dolls are softer and will never get caught or cause tangles in your dollís hair. A Velcro closure is an old style and easy to use. It eliminates the need to use buttons and snaps which can be a little too tiring to add on clothes.

Zipper closure, like velcro, is easy and safe for children to use. The only downside is when the zipper loses its ability to close properly at times. You may need to repair or even change the entire zipper.

Buttons and snaps are small in size. Although they may look adorable and beautiful when sewn on dolls clothes, they can still loosen over a period of time and can pose a serious choking hazard to children.

Measure Properly

Remember to be meticulous when it comes to measurements. With a correct cut ensures that the dresses or the clothes fit well. You wouldnít want to attach irregular sizes of sleeves or incorrect length of tunics.

When sewing the cut-out fabrics, attach the pattern pieces so that you will be able to identify each piece easily. No mixing, no repeating pattern and no mistake!

Use a piece of paper for stability. Some fabrics tend to ďdanceĒ while sewing so in order to stabilize them, attach a piece of paper over the fabric. Once you are done, you can simply tore the paper off.

Free From Frays

Seams may also seem to unravel at times. They can be pretty annoying and can start a bigger problem. Donít worry as you can use a fray check/stop which is a clear liquid sealant that prevents the edges from fraying. It can also be used on ribbons and laces to prevent the edges and ends from fraying.

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