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How to Make Miniature Dolls House Furniture


Dolls houses are gorgeous and beautiful. They provide so many opportunities for children to learn and grow. They are like safe havens when children wanted to engage in pretend play.

Youíd be lucky to find a fully furnished dolls house at your local charity shop for a dirt cheap price because fully furnished dolls houses donít come cheap. Fortunately, there are so many resources online on how you can make your own miniature dolls house furniture. Working on a project with your child can also open opportunities for learning and bonding moment.

Doll house Miniature Furniture

If you are into making high-quality wooden furniture and have perfect tools, itís already easier. Plus, you can follow some techniques and tutorials online for a more detailed look. Children can be of any help if you plan to make it as a bonding session between you and them.

Instead of buying furniture for dolls house, which we believe can come in a range of complexity, from simple furniture to more elaborate and intricate ones, you can actually make your own which is even more fun and exciting.

Most DIY crafts ideas on how to build your own doll house miniature furniture can be found online. These are so many child-friendly simple ideas that can be done with minimal adult supervision. Most of the materials are cheap and can be done using available resources inside your homes. Even those that are deemed necessary to be discarded can be brought to life.

Wood is the easiest and most commonly sought material when it comes to making doll house miniature furniture. There are various ranges that can be used. Example are hardwood veneer strips.

Popsicle sticks has so many wonderful arts and crafts purposes. Since they are the easiest to find in that section, these can be made as a living room chair, table, bed or even as your doll houseís flooring.

Empty detergent bottles, which we assumed were already lined up into the recycling bin can be used as dolls houseís bath tubs. This is done so by cutting the bottle into two and using the bottom part.

Dolls can lounge comfortably, watch TV or read a book in the living room while sitting on a sofa. Well, you can take old sponges and glue them together using a glue gun. Old T-shirts can be cut into fabrics to cover the DIY sofa.

Wardrobes and chest of drawers can be customized and made from lollipop sticks and match sticks. There are child-safe paints that can be used to stain them for a more finished look.

Stained or unstained blocks of wood can be put together to make simple furniture like fridge, washing machines, tables, bed, fireplace and many more.

If you do not like the stained ones, you can use sanding paper to remove the stain and paint it with whatever color that will match your dolls house. Children can help with the painting as long as these are safe for them.

Buttons can also be added to these blocks which can serve as a stove top. Surprisingly, cupcake liners can be used as lamp shades for chandeliers. Or you can make them as miniature coffee or side tables.

Stairs can be made out from blocks or sticks from the front yard. Beads from arts and crafts that are bound to be made as bracelets can be used as lanterns or for decorative purposes.

Top sections of bottles of lotion can be cut and used as toilet bowls. Also, empty cough syrup cup can be used as a sink or wash basin.Furthermore, there are still plenty of materials that can be used as miniature furniture. You just have to look around and use your creativity and imagination.

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