Lottie Dolls Always Artsy Doll

Lottie Dolls Always Artsy Doll
 Lottie Dolls Always Artsy DollLottie Dolls Always Artsy Doll 
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Brand:  Lottie Dolls
Material:  Plastic
Type:  Lottie Doll

  • This set is 7 inches (18cm) tall, the perfect size for little hands making them the ideal companion toy for a boy or girl.
  • Outfits made from tactile, durable fabric, interchangeable between dolls to make a dress-up play more fun. All dolls have high-quality saran hair which is tangle resistant. Lottie is much more than a princess fashionista, encouraging children to enjoy an active unplugged childhood, full of adventure.

This doll has been studying famous artists at school. She's decided Beatrix Potter's nature works are her favorite, but she understands it's going to take some practice to get the methods just right. She is wearing a T-Shirt, scarf, trousers, pumps, and beret, and comes with an easel, palette, a paintbrush, and more.