Plan Toys Stable

Plan Toys Stable
Our Price:  £44.99
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Brand:  Plan Toys
Material:  Wood

  • Imagination is used and developed.
  • Develops language and creative speech.
  • Social skills are stimulated.
  • Creativity is developed and enhanced.

Plan Toys Stable

Where do horses rest after a long day on the farm? Of course, nowhere but in the wonderful Plan Toys Stable!

But there is a little chicken with its chicken stall? No worries. They go just fine and perfect for every open-ended play. There is also a hay box, water bucket, and broom. The stable can be entered from the 2-way front and end partitions and the chicken stalls can be opened and closed.

Play with the horses with its moveable head, legs and as well as the foal with the moveable neck.