Rubens Baby Basket & Blanket

Rubens Baby Basket & Blanket
Our Price:  £16.00
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Brand:  Rubens Barn
Doll Type:  Ragdoll
Material:  Polyester

  • Set includes a wooden basket with ribbon handle and white fluffy blanket.
  • Great for imaginative and creative role-play sessions.
  • Helps develop social and emotional skills.
  • Helps improve manual dexterity.

Rubens Baby Basket & Blanket

Keep your Rubens Baby Doll warm, cozy and safe with this unique and stunning Baby Basket & Blanket from Rubens.

It includes a wooden basket with a large green polka dot ribbon so you can carry your sleeping dolls easily. The blanket provides warmth to your doll with its white and fluffy features.

Naptime and bedtime will be more fun!