Rubens Barn Original Harry

Rubens Barn Original Harry
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Brand:  Rubens Barn
Doll Type:  Rubens Original

  • Emotional and social skills are developed.
  • Stimulates creative open-ended plays.
  • Speech and creative communication are enhanced.
  • Helps develop fine and gross motor skills.

Rubens Barn Original Harry

The stunning Original Harry from the Rubens Barn collection is here to set hearts on fire!

Harry is a brave and smart little doll who loves the company of every boy and girl. He wears every day his favorite striped multicolored shirt with white underpants with lace trim. The pair of dark green dungarees even looks good on him. But you can switch or mix and match him with different clothes from the collection for every occasion.

Harry offers big, warm and comforting hugs to every little boy and girl. Would you like one big hug?