Rubens Cutie Karin Activity

Rubens Cutie Karin Activity
 Rubens Cutie Karin ActivityRubens Cutie Karin Activity 
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Brand:  Rubens Barn
Doll Type:  Rubens Cutie
Material:  Polyester

  • Creative communication and speech development.
  • Hand and eye coordination.
  • Creativity and imagination are stimulated.
  • Emotional and social skills are developed.

Rubens Cutie Karin Activity

The wonderful Rubens Cutie Karin Activity is a shy baby doll. She is not talkative but likes to listen and see the world around her. Cutie Karin is the intellectual baby doll and most of the ideas for their plays are from her.

She loves to enjoy the company of boys and girls. It will be fun to learn about personalities and interests through dress-up and fun together.

Just don't forget her clothes can be washed after all the activities she did for the day.