Rubens Cutie Hanna

Rubens Cutie Hanna
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Brand:  Rubens Barn
Doll Type:  Rubens Cutie
Material:  Polyester

  • Builds growth for emotional skills.
  • Speech and creative communication are enhanced.
  • Helps develop fine motor and gross motor skills.
  • Sparks creativity and imagination.

Rubens Cutie Hanna

Learn care-taking through dress-up and fun together with me, the sensational Rubens Cutie Hanna.

I love playing dress-up and as a matter of fact, my clothes can be removed and washed. I love wearing my cute dotted purple jumpsuit with a flower ribbon and a matchy purple hair ribbon.

I am a soft handmade doll and I was ensured that no harmful components touched me. I know you will smile when you see me. I love seeing those smiles too!