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What Are the Best Dolls for a 2 Year Old?

At the age of 2, your child can already display some significant milestones. He/she can already kick a ball, throw a ball overhand, play with dolls or even climb on and down from furniture.

best dolls for 2 year olds

Best Dolls for 2 Year Olds

As scary as the latter sounds but children at this age already begin to explore. They already start to transform into the shape and character that they will be.

For instance your child will be able to already carry several toys. These may include his/her favorites such as dolls. It is at this age where your child will love to perform several plays without your help. But no matter how good they become at walking or building a tower from wooden blocks, your little one still needs supervision.

And the best thing that you can do about it is to supply your little one with toys. Toys such as dolls that have wonderful benefits. From developing social-emotional skills to stimulating the imagination, dolls provide so many benefits. It is also through playing with dolls that children can be able to express themselves more.

Not just with dolls but with almost every toy that children can use for imaginary play. But dolls just seem to develop a child in a more unique way. Have you noticed your child bubbling out words you never even heard of before? Well thatís because dolls enable children to build their speech and communication. Children engage in role-play sessions where they narrate stories. They could even tell you how they feel through their dolls.

Itís just so amazing. Dolls. But as your child grows and reaches the second year, they tend to get more curious, more advanced and creative. They want plays that are way more complex.

2 Year Olds love to role play with their dolls

Plays such as acting out real-life scenarios and incorporating scenes from their favorite cartoon tv show. The best way to help and supervise them is through playing with dolls. So it is ideally best to choose a doll that will be safer to play with. You do not want a 2 year old kiddo to put something inside his/her mouth with small parts. These could be a potential choking hazard afterall.

They love to explore so choose dolls that do not have visibly small accessories. What they always see, they love to put inside their mouth. Next, choose dolls that are soft and lightweight. These dolls should be easy to carry around and be transported from one room to another. It is also ideal to buy dolls that a 2 year old child can easily manipulate. Not too heavy as it can end up in the corner ignored and dumped. The same soft doll should enable your little ball of energy to sleep soundly and comfortably.

Dolls are great early developmental toys for 2 year olds

It is also during this age that your little one began to become more conscious of himself/herself. They began to think of their dolls as like them, a baby. It gives the doll a purpose to be really taken care of or looked after.

Rubens Barn Dolls has an anatomically correct dolls that are suited from birth onwards. These dolls are perfect for any 2 year old because they are complete with accessories. These accessories include nappies and pee and poop sets. These dolls feel like carrying a real baby because they are weighted. Moreso, your 2 year old kiddo will love to feed them, change nappies or change their outfits.

With dolls that are anatomically correct, they can perform things such as sticking their tongue out or suck their thumbs like a real baby. Like what a 2 year old kid does!

The great thing about Rubens Barn is that children of any age can already play with them. Plus, some of their dolls range can be used for therapy. Patients with dementia and alzheimers can use these dolls to improve their memory.

Lastly, choose dolls that will enable your child to sit it up or stand with its movable arms and legs. These are perfect for feeding play and slumber parties.

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