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When Should a Child Start Playing With Rag Dolls

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Children can start becoming hooked to their rag dolls the moment their fine-motor skills are starting to develop. Or if they become magnetized to bold colors and textures and start to experiment or appreciate the things around them. They tend to grasp whatever things or toys are present around them. They play with it through their mouth. So there’s no definite age when children should start playing because it depends on their development.

Every child is unique and has their own pace and rate when it comes to developing. That is why the first few months up to 12th month is very crucial and vital. Parental monitoring is strongly advised. During these months, children’s senses are starting to develop. Dolls including rag dolls that have textures, vibrant and bold colors, or those with crinkly and noisy accessories are helpful in encouraging the proper growth of the child’s sensory skills.

Benefits of Rag Dolls

Newborn babies do not have fully developed senses. Yes, they are able to see, touch and smell but these sensory systems need genetic instructions and above all, stimulation. That is why toys such as dolls are very important and useful. Rag dolls can help children interact with these toys using a wide range of senses. Children love to cuddle which promotes their sense of touch.

In their first year, children’s play becomes more complex. They will become more interested and fascinated with things such as cause and effects. Nevertheless, rag dolls are still ideal to be used. Rag dolls can be an example on how to teach children how to dress properly by themselves or how to perform simple tasks such as buttoning, zipping and tying their hair.

Parents can also use rag dolls in early potty training sessions. Before they start going to school, children may already learn to develop language, speech and creative communication. Children that are well-rounded and have developed a wide range of skills tend to become more successful in their chosen fields as they grow older. Important skills that should be developed in early stages such as fine-motor skills and cognitive skills are very useful in honing a child. It is the same set of skills where children can learn to grasp things, write, paint, analyze, think, comprehend and solve problems.

Moreso, rag dolls, just like any other dolls, help children build meaningful interactions, become confident and more compassionate towards other people.

Rubens Barn Ecobuds Dolls

Finding rag dolls is not that hard. Parents can even make their own for their children or follow tutorials online for simple and easy DIY making of rag dolls.

Rubens Barn, a popular doll maker, has an amazing selection of that are suitable for children. We particularly love their Ecobuds doll line. These dolls are soft, stuffed and certified with Organic Content Standard (OCS). The materials that make up the Ecobuds Dolls are made from 100% organic cotton, polyester fiber, calcium carbonate, ink spray paint and polyvinyl alcohol that serve as glue.

Bigjigs Dolls

BigJigs is another wonderful company to love. They sell a beautiful and gorgeous range of rag dolls that come in different sizes, skin complexion and garments. All these dolls are soft, adorable and cuddly.

Bigjigs’ rag dolls conforms to the international and European safety standards on kids toys so you can be assured that all materials used in their toys are suitable from birth and do not contain any nasty materials like phthalates and PVC. Each doll is lightweight so children can carry them around easily.

Trudi Rag Dolls

Trudi also offers soft rag dolls that are absolutely beautiful. Their range of rag dolls are even dressed as princesses and mermaids. The dolls have colored hair such as pink, golden yellow and blue.

In conclusion, it doesn’t matter what age a child should start playing or owning a rag doll. Every child can learn quickly and with some, the earliest months. As parents, we are responsible for the welfare and development of our children so it’s entirely up to us when we introduce rag dolls, or toys in general, to our children.

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