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Why Do Babies Play With Baby Dolls?

Babies love playing with baby dolls because they are cuddly, soft and adorable. They resemble a real baby that are way too irresistible that even they can’t simply ignore.

baby doll

Baby dolls are also often dressed in eye-catching and brightly-coloured clothing. The garments can even include beautiful hoodies, rompers and animal-themed bibs. Did we mention the accessories too? Baby dolls have gorgeous accessories in which children are magnetized to. The Rubens Barn Baby, for example, have carrier cots, feeding bottles, dummies, underpants and nappies complete with a poop and pee set.

Apart from these, there are more to why babies love to play with baby dolls.

Lifelike Interactions

As children grow older, they become more attentive, curious and experimental. You might have noticed that your little one is starting to ask you a lot of questions. The games they play are also becoming more complex as they explore and crave for more learning. Indeed, it is through playing that children can learn.

As such, children can get so many lifelike interactions with baby dolls. These include nappy changing, changing clothes and feeding. These activities can help prepare your child for the arrival of a younger sibling or simply put taking care of other people. Little ones find it even easier to practice these activities on their baby dolls.

Baby dolls can be very helpful as children begin to develop their nurturing skills. They will become more compassionate and empathetic towards other people. Once children learn to understand the needs of other people, they will become more aware of other people’s feelings which beget respect. They will also become more cautious about dealing with other people’s feelings and become more mature as they grow up.

Play Pretend Games with Dolls

Baby dolls offer so many venues for playing pretend games. Children can get into character and act out real-life situations. They create scenarios, solve problems and interact with other people.

As little ones engage in play pretend games, they achieve and develop so many developmental skills that when they are already grown up, they become well-rounded. For example, the child’s communication. In play pretend games, children get to learn how to describe what they are doing or they get to interact. They even make creative speeches and languages.

Play pretend games enable children to let loose their creativity. This is very vital in developing their cognitive skills. A well-developed cognition leads to better comprehension, understanding and analysis.

Gender Neutral

Baby dolls should be gender neutral which means babies should be allowed to play with them regardless of their gender. Just like any other doll, they provide so many wonderful benefits that children will need for different developmental stages.

It is not just baby girls who’ll most likely benefit but as well as baby boys. They have nurturing skills that need to be developed. They can be caring and loving as well, not just little girls.

Playing with dolls can even help provide growth for their fine-motor skills which would allow them to do simple tasks like writing, using a pair of scissors, pick up objects and perform other dexterity functions that require the smaller muscles in their hands.

Dolls even teach little ones how to become responsible which would be unfair for little boys if they won’t be able to experience how to take care of other people through dolls. When they grow older, little boys will become parents too.

It would also be such a waste for little boys to miss benefits that will strengthen and solidify their social skills. If a little boy is timid and shy, dolls can help him find a way to come out of the shell.

Dolls are toys that can help children interact with other people. They will learn to develop camaraderie, a boost on their confidence and sportsmanship.

These are not just what dolls have to offer. There is more to these that are ultimately ideal in honing every child, not just little girls. Gender stereotyping must never be done, in the first place.

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