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Why It Is Okay for Boys to Play With Dolls

If little girls can play with action figures, tanks, cars and space toys, little boys are allowed to play with pink dolls and dolls houses. Why? It is because dolls are great examples of toys with developmental value. They provide tons of learning benefits.

dolls and boys


Given that there are plenty of toys that are classified and stereotyped, children shouldnít be prohibited from playing the toy they want. It has been conclusively established by experts that children learn new things and develop skills as they play.

Fortunately, male dolls and dolls made for boys are widely available. Regardless of the dollís gender, every child has the right to play and have fun. It doesnít make him less of a boy just because he is playing with dolls. As a matter of fact, it is the adults that have toxic views of these things. Children do not have a clue about gender-stereotyping. All they want is to play and have fun.

Remember, toys are considered gender-neutral for children under the age of 5. Letting children play with gender-specific toys will only impede their skills development. Adults must be open-minded. Plus, gender roles are so old-fashioned! As girls can be tough so as boys can be gentle and soft.

So why is it a two thumbs up for little boys to play with dolls?

Regardless of gender, dolls enable all children to act out characters. It is in role playing situations that children can express their thoughts and feelings. They can act out situations where they can learn how to defend themselves or where they can be able to assess a situation and help someone in need. Role playing also allows children to see things from different perspectives. In this way, children can look after each other. They can walk into other people's shoes and become aware of how others may feel.

Dolls also open doors of opportunities for children to use their creativity and expand their imagination. This activity helps exercise their brain and sharpen their mind. Through creativity and imagination, children can create solutions to simple problems and they become more self-aware and critical-thinkers.

Moreover, playing with dolls can be seen as a social activity where children can socialize and interact with others. When children interact and socialize with other children their age, it leads to the development of their social skills which can strengthen their connection with other people.

Children can build a strong and confident character of themselves. They can also learn to boost their self-esteem and develop camaraderie. Little boys can also find a sense of companionship with dolls. The same doll will give him comfort during bedtime or car journeys. Talking to their dolls can help them keep calm and even find a special friend. It also enables little boys to strengthen and develop their connection with other people. They learn how to trust and how to value friendship.

Creative communication and speech is also developed when little boys interact with dolls. They communicate, talk and express their creativity through words. Youíd be amazed at how talkative they can get when they are alone with their dolls. As little boys talk to their dolls, they also tend to develop and build nurturing and caring skills. This helps hone children to be compassionate about other people. It also builds respect for other people that will solidify as they grow up.

Fine-motor skills and hand-eye coordination are also enhanced by playing with dolls. Simple tasks such as doing the buttons or dressing the doll can help them navigate using their hands and fingers.

Dolls help develop skills that build and pave way to become a well-developed child. As children grow, these sets of skills and learning will be instilled and become a part of their growing years. They become more well-rounded, of course!

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